Our Programs

"To whom much is given, much is required." Luke 12:48

We work hard every day to better the lives of our charity's recipients through our many programs — whether it is helping with a short term rental need, assisting with providing housing, supporting Christian youth, lifting up women as they exit sober living facilities, or simply providing minimal needs to desperate people, Boaz Charities is committed to providing as Jesus has. Learn more about our efforts and how working together can make a lasting impact!

Short term rent support

We offer short-term rent support to help people in need get back on their feet and reduce the risk of homelessness.

Short Term Housing

Our short-term housing solutions provide shelter for people and families who find themselves in abusive, unhealthy, or otherwise impossible life situations such as sudden homelessness.

Housing Help for Sober Women

We offer help locating housing for women in sobriety programs.

Abused Women Program

We offer help to women who find themselves in abusive living situations.

Support of Christian Youth and Young Adults

We support and offer guidance to Christian youth and young adults that are in desperate situations

Providing for Immediate Needs

We offer financial and other assistance for people in our communities that have immediate needs