In the scriptures, it is written in the book of Ruth about a wealthy man named Boaz who was a relative of Naomi, a Hebrew widow. Naomi had a daughter-in-law named Ruth, who was a foreigner and also a widow. Ruth chose to stay and take care of Naomi instead of returning to her people, the Moabites after their husbands had passed away. In those days, widows could not do much in the way of supporting themselves, and Naomi was already advanced in years. Therefore, it fell to Ruth to find a way to provide food for both of them. She started off by going to the fields and gleaning, which meant she would follow the the workers harvesting barley and other crops and pick up whatever was left behind.


Ruth first met Boaz when she gleaned from his field. When he saw her, he asked about her and heard that she was the daughter-in-law of Naomi and was taking care of her. Boaz was a generous and God-fearing man, and from that moment on, made sure that Ruth was well provided for. He even instructed his workers to purposely let heads of barley fall for her to gather.  Our logo consists of two heads of barley, which are a symbol of of the generosity of Boaz and his generosity and care for Ruth. Our mission is to help others in our community in the same manner that Boaz so generously helped Ruth. Boaz’s example in the scriptures set the stage for the Lord Jesus Christ and his great mercy and grace towards us, that we also should follow in His footsteps. It is no accident that Boaz and Ruth later became part of the geneology of Jesus Christ (Matthew 1). We encourage you to read these scriptures for yourself and be inspired by God’s Word.